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10 Fact During Pregnancy

For first-time mother pregnant of course imagine the birth process a fun event even the most thrilling thing. It's good to know the process or expectant mothers after childbirth, such as what stage?

There are 10 of them here. Knowing the facts, so you better prepared to deal with it!

1. Natural childbirth is pain. You're waiting for D-day delivery, would have to prepare mentally ahead of time to deal with the pain when the uterus begins to contract, during the delivery process lasted until afterwards. In addition, you may also have been training to face the pain by following prenatal classes with your partner, or even a HypnoBirthing class to reduce pain. In fact, whatever your current serileks undergo natural childbirth, the pain will still be yours. What is different is the measure, because it depends on your ability to react to it.

2. Bringing baby home turned out to be bothered. When first set foot in the house, while holding a baby, you'll see that now everything in your life changed completely. You are now a mother, your spouse, a father, and your family members are not just two but three. In fact, the changing role and function in your life initially is tedious. However, over time, you'll get used to live, even enjoy and appreciate the presence of children in your life.

3. Giving breast milk is full of challenges. You wish to give your breast milk to babies from the beginning until the period of 6 months exclusive breast walk comfortably. Wait a minute! Have you ever imagine your nipples cracked and bleeding? Alternatively, the breast feels sore and heavy because of full breastfeeding while you have not had time to breastfeed? Not to mention, if there is interference in the form of clogged ducts so that the breast hard to the outside. In fact, various disturbances to provide milk to infants can occur at any time, since you give breast milk first. All the pain and the complaint should you feel and overcome their own. Ask for help from a doctor to solve breastfeeding problems that you experience.

4. The first weeks of a 'machine dairy' milk. During the week of the first week at home, your baby like never feel full. Almost every time she woke up, and you have to give him breast milk. It is not possible you will feel like a 'machine' producer of milk and want your old life back, free of duty to 'machine' milk. In fact, during the first 2-3 weeks the baby is hungry so you will always be ready whenever breastfeeding. After the child began to be able to adjust to a routine schedule that you plant early, you will be able to enjoy your time back.

5. Pain so excruciating loneliness. Managing and caring for your baby in the first weeks, it might trigger a feeling of lonely and overwhelmed. Moreover, you do not already know your baby well, and still in the learning process 'read' body language. In circumstances still completely confused face of your baby, your spouse would not be much help. In fact, feeling lonely and feel of your own that outsourced the task of taking care of all the needs of infants, new mothers often occurs. You can resolve, among others, by inviting to the house of your friends who have experience as a mother to accompany as well as help you learn to take care of the baby.

6. ... Depressed, it is fair! After the baby is born, you just know when the mother hold her baby in a hospital waiting room or clinic often show facial expression depressed or worried. If you are now one of these mothers, do not have to force myself put a brave face as if all was fine. In fact, feelings of depression because they feel incapable of becoming a good mother figure and perfect for your baby-especially when your baby falls ill, is reasonable. This feeling is triggered by hormonal upheaval you are not completely normal. When you experience it, try try to stay calm, and asked for support of spouse.

7. Couples do not always understand. You as a mother who gave birth as well as other new mothers will not be able to understand all the affairs of caring for the baby instantly. Understanding of the child will grow with time and experience life as a mother. You do not need to dream your partner able to help understand your confusion, because you both are in the process of learning to be parents. In fact, you and your partner both need space and time to explore and discover your own potential in order to run a new role as the respective mother and father. Therefore, no need to upset and blaming each other, and need not hesitate to say, "It's okay, it's not your fault ..." to your partner.

8. Mother's intuition was important. Naturally intuition or your maternal instincts will grow stronger as your baby's age. The longer, you realize that this motherly intuition is very useful and can become a guide for you in caring for the baby. Many mothers are able to know if there is something wrong with the child. For example, the mother can distinguish fussy baby is hungry or sick. In fact, the power of intuition or instinct of a mother, her baby can often save lives because the inner relationship between you and your baby is very strong. A lot of evidence, a mother can know exactly what the baby felt. Hone your intuition through experience and daily activities in managing and caring for your baby. The more often you interact with your baby, your intuition is becoming hard.

9. Mother extraordinary creature. Your body is extraordinary. Your uterus which was originally only for fist, can gradually be enlarged following the baby's body size continues to grow. Meanwhile, in preparation to feed the baby after birth, is automatically the milk glands in the second breast to produce milk. Amazingly, the water content of breast milk will change the composition of his substance to follow the baby's body needs. Similarly volume. In fact, the process of gradual change is remarkable that your body during pregnancy, childbirth, and a few years later, will cause a sensation that makes the mother feel uncomfortable. However, the wisdom behind it all, changing roles as mothers to increase the spirituality of a woman because she was so familiar and aware of the miracles that can be done her, and reminded of the Creator.

10. Want to be a perfect mother. Once a woman be a mother, there are calls that push your heart to be the perfect mother figure for her son. However, most women are too forced myself to be the ideal mother figure as he had imagined. In practice, many mothers and disappointed because it does not make it. They always feel there is a less than perfect to him and what he has accomplished as her mother is still not satisfactory. In fact, mothers who forced himself into the perfect mother forgot that she was a human being who of course has many limitations and shortcomings. For that, you do not have to be super mom! Accept yourself as you are, with all its shortcomings and advantages. You just do the best you can do and give to your beloved baby.

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