Senin, 21 Maret 2011

3 Ways to Increase Breast Milk During Pregnancy

During pregnancy many women sometimes forget what he should do for condition after delivery to go smoothly. One of the things that is often forgotten during pregnancy is breast milk. Many pregnancy tips that do not discuss this.

Lay people think that to produce quality milk everything is done when the baby has been born. Actually no, for water-quality milk, and many businesses have done since the time of pregnancy. Not infrequently, when a new baby's milk does not come out, this is caused by a lack of care during pregnancy.

Here are tips on pregnancy for a lot of milk that you can do:

   1. Breast Care. Breast care is very important in pregnancy. Because the breast is a breast milk-producing organ. Treatment works to stimulate breast milk glands to produce milk for breast milk much later. If you do not perform maintenance on the breast during pregnancy, it will lead to cases of breast milk does not come out after you give birth. At the gestational age of less than 3 months of treatment can be done by gently massaging the nipples. This serves to make the nipple menojol out. At the age of 4 to 9 months of pregnancy do massage at least 10 minutes per day using coconut oil. This massage works to stimulate the milk glands to produce, in addition to cleaning the dirt that may exist in your breasts and nipples.

   2. Food. Eat healthy and nutritious foods, in addition to functioning to the development of your fetus. The food you eat is also functioning to the development of your breasts in order to work properly after you give birth later. Expand the consumption of foods containing protein. Also do not forget to eat vegetables and fruit.

   3. Balance with milk. Drink milk that is processed specifically for pregnant women. Milk also contains a substance of pregnant women is very important to work your breast. So after you give birth, your milk can come out smoothly and more.

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