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6 Positions Intercourse During Pregnancy

China is a nation that has strong cultural roots and principles of harmony are high. In the art of sex they did not just see physically, but, more than that seen from the side of life, art, nature, love and ethics.

This nation also has many books of science secret sex in the apartment at the time of ancient Chinese empire. These books containing details of various kinds of sex that many followed the modern era, these details become part of a mutually detailed converge. Also introduced a variety of techniques and positions in sex.

To avoid saturation during sex, each pair must be good at creating a new atmosphere. Conducting techniques and ways of changing the game and leave the conventional technique could be an option. Well, here are 12 positions and sex techniques to avoid Chinese-style saturation.

Face Position

This position is a woman on her back while the men have to bear on both elbows and lututnya.Si woman and pulled her legs up to knees and close to his ear. This position will develop and provide plug vulna deep, so it will reach peak enjoyment.

Sleep Position Tilt

Practice this position, she must pull both his legs, so that her thighs are in the corner, perpendicular to the body. While men tudur sideways position right behind the woman. Variations on this position will give the impression to relax with light movement. When a man is on the left a woman, the woman's left foot in place over the two legs of men. This position is done mostly to the relationship after orgasm.

Down Pillows Hip Position

Place the pillow just below her hips, in the supine position was thus forming the alphabet V down and out. Sexual contact will become the maximum. If you want to add to the pleasure it can be pulled further into the pillow under the buttocks, so that the angle V will change curved upwards and inwards. This will make the exact opposite position of female genital organs of male sex. This position is ideal for a slightly overweight woman or a man-sized short vital.

Position Men Face

Men tuck both legs at the knee, but both ends of the legs still stepping on the bed, while she put herself on the second thigh and had to support her body on her hands and knees. After the woman lying face down on a man's body. In this position, more romantic, because the woman can caress and kiss her partner.

Crossed position

In this position copulating couples sitting together on the bed. Woman sitting on man's leg. Stretched their legs so the feet of the man under her feet. Then the woman's legs are emphasized to the stomach man for the "key to find the hole gate heritage." With key shuttle service to and out of their inheritance was the pleasure palace gates.

Contrary Position Direction

This position is the most relaxed, the article of a man's head above the feet of women. The couple can see each partner's sex organs. Movement in this direction opposite positions do men with tighten and loosen his back, thus giving the movement up and down the flexible in women who promote the achievement of extraordinary pleasure. To achieve more pleasure, she must lower her body back slowly so that she was lying in between the legs of men.

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