Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

7 Tips for Healthy and Herbs to Strengthen the Womb

Some tips for a safe and healthy during pregnancy, that is:

Avoid the four that too:

- Too young to be pregnant (age below 20 years)

- Too old to become pregnant (age above 35 years)

- Too often women (more than 3 children at higher risk)

- Too close spacing of pregnancy (subsequent pregnancy interval of less than 2 years)

Avoid a late three:

- Too late to make the decision to seek emergency medical treatment.

- Late arrival at health facilities for pregnant women.

- Late obtain emergency medical assistance in health facilities.

 dadap leaf 


Good herbal medicine used for content that is strong and healthy:

Use 15 grams of leaf dadap absorbency, 10 grams kencur, 10 drops of oil gandapura, 10 grams of leaves of caraway. Leaves dadap, kencur and finely ground cumin together, and given gandapura oil drops of hot water, squeezed and strained to get a lemon 1 cup water. Consumption, waste smeared on the stomach juice, drink the water. Do it at bedtime, lying, not moving.

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