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9 Important Things About Pregnancy

Heart pounding, mingled happily, That's the feeling of a very common experience for prospective parents that will soon have a baby. Very soon you will get a special call "father" and "mother", here are 9 important things about this pregnancy. Following among others:

1. Unlike in the movies

Often, in the movies, we see, when the actress who plays the role of pregnant women, when water broke, everyone was panicking, the mother staggered, experienced tremendous sudden contraction, and then shouted for a taxi. In fact, in real life, not always dramatic. Amniotic fluid is generally broken just before the birth of a child, and although first broke, do not have to hurry up and running to the hospital. Of course, you should immediately see your obstetrician, but that does not mean you can shout as he ran in the middle of the road. In real life, each baby's birth process was very unique and special.

2. Date of birth, more precisely, the month of birth

A complete process of pregnancy lasts between 37-42 weeks. Approximate date of birth is an estimate, not a definite deadline. Most babies born even before or after the date of the estimate, the average child born 4 days after the date estimates are made by doctors. It is rather difficult to plan for the entire month as the moment of birth, date of birth but were too specific. Well, we can only get ready to wait for the birth of your baby and not fixated on the date given by the doctors.

3. The birth process through a special phase and have different challenges

The delivery process is a process that is rhythmic. The birth of the premature generally will last longer, but easier to handle than the birth of an active, which generally requires more focus and techniques cope with pain. Encourage your baby out in the suffix is ​​something different and could be a change. Understanding the stages of birth will help you to deal with different ways.

4. Epidural is one of many ways to deal with the birth

There is much debate as to whether epidural is a good thing or not to be given to mothers who are dalamproses delivery. One answer is, depends. Epidural injected too early will slow the process and make necessary medical intervention. However, epidurals are given too late, when the mother has been very tired, could speed up delivery, and reduce the possibility of intervention. Try to forget for a moment about the good or bad concerning the epidural, but fill your knowledge about the risks and benefits of the drug, as well as learn tecnic face a painful birth process, and then see how the way the birth of your baby.

5. The philosophy of medical personnel that you entrust the very influential

Some doctors believe that he must actively confront the birth process, and introducing medical technology surrounding the handling of the birth process, even before the requirement, as a precaution. Others, some believe that birth should be a natural running and handling of medical interventions should be undertaken only when things begin to happen that are out of fairness. In this way, the birth process would be very influential by anyone who helps you. Talk to the medical staff who treat you about his philosophy helped birth. Make sure they are consistent with your understanding.

6. Midwife or obstetrician may not be always with you

This could be a surprising thing for many couples, but it often happens. Obstetrician or midwife that you entrusted to take care of your health content may not be always there for you. Generally, they will advise you when the content should be checked periodically and the development of pregnancy. However, in general, they probably will not be there to guide you every time. Usually, they will exist in the suffix, when the baby is almost born. Doctor usually will be with you much longer, however, it also depends. This is the reason why birth classes will be very meaningful.

7. Induced births usually end up at C-Section

Expected to make the birth process continue running and not stopped at an unrealistic pace will encourage excessive use of pitocin, which can double the likelihood must be Caesar. Use of pitocin should be continually monitored, that is, the mother should not move much during the process. However, changing the position could actually help the birth process and help overcome the pain. In essence, try to avoid induction as much as possible unless it is medically, is needed.

8. Get plenty of rest at the beginning of the process of birth can reduce the chances of cesarean birth process

When you and your doctor know that you are born in good health and good, you can try to relax and not panic when the contractions began to occur. One thing you can hold is to try to follow the rules 411. That is, only then mulaiproses in the delivery room during intermittent contractions for 4 minutes, each contraction lasts for 1 minute, and this has been going on for 1 hour. Discuss this with doctor, however, prepare yourself to relax before the birth process actually begins, the point, so you're not too fast or too fast fatigue-induced panic already exist in the delivery room and felt compelled to give birth soon.

9. Births including this physiological

Contraction is going very painful for the body and even the process was very exhausting. However, the fact is, our bodies are designed in such a way. The birth process does not indicate a body part that is damaged or there is something wrong. There are many ways you can do to help through the process. Try to follow the classes surrounding the birth, get the support of the birth of experts, and learn about the birth process.

The survey of thousands of women find that no matter whether you get an epidural injection or not that makes a birth process into a positive experience. But rather to how the mother is treated with a comfortable and respectful during a fragile moment. Women with realistic expectations tend to be happier faces process birth of her child. This means to understand whether you can control what you can control.

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