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Baby Growth During Pregnancy

The fetus turns out has a few lessons while in the fetus every stages in womb. Stage get skills before being born into the world.

Here are the skills they have babies in the womb, according to Fred J. Schwartz, MD, an anesthesiologist from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, was launched from detikheatlh:

1. Thumb Sucking

Naturally, if most babies love to suck your thumb, because it turns out this habit has been started in the womb. This helps baby's sucking reflex when it comes to feeding, the mother no longer need to force for thrusting nipples. Expertise is starting to suck his thumb since the 19 th week because the baby's brain has reached millions of motor nerves, so he was able to make conscious movements such as thumb sucking.

2. Swim

Since the baby in the womb he was already used to being in the water for 9 months, the amniotic fluid. Babies are happy-happy to swim in at 20 weeks gestation. Today, children are making active movements that can be felt mother, possibly because of the length of new long-half of new born and weighed about 340 grams so that he still had plenty of room to swim.

3. Hiccup

When pregnant, women sometimes feel the continu movement in one part of his stomach. Could be the time the fetus is a hiccup. This is usually felt since the content of stepping into the 25th week. This indicates that the fetus was practicing breathing. Currently, fetal breathing and release the amniotic fluid, when amniotic fluid is ingested too much then he will be hiccups. This is something natural.

4. Listen

Many have suggested that pregnant women often communicate with the fetus in her womb. This is true, because although still in the womb, the fetus is able to hear her own voice and the voices of others around him. When performing ultrasound 4 dimensions, in addition to checking the completeness of the organs, the doctor also will ask for the fetus to do something and see the response of the fetus. For example, when the fetus is head down, when the doctor asked him to uphold the head, the fetus was able to follow commands. So pregnant women should be careful in speaking because the fetus can hear if her mother was angry. This was proved by the direct reaction of stomach tightening.

5. Distinguishing the Light and Dark

Several studies have shown that babies in the womb 27-28 weeks to open his eyes, so was able to distinguish between dark and light. Can be seen when the doctor put a flashlight in the stomach, he could see light coming through the wall of the uterus. Even if the fetus could wink he too was dazzled.

6. Expressing Yourself

Since the fetus in the womb was already able to express themselves in accordance with his mother was feeling. If the mother is in a state of happy, sit back while listening to music, then the fetus will also feel the happiness so that he would smile.

7. Learning Two Languages

Apparently, the baby in the womb can learn to understand the language he often heard, even up to two languages ​​at once. And this ability to carry over until they are born. In a study published in Psychological Science, infants who are accustomed to hearing two languages ​​during the mother's womb will be easier to learn two languages. This is also consistent with the research psychologist at the University of British Columbia and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in France.

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