Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Birth Naturally Or By Surgery?

Today many mothers who feel so scared to give birth naturally or through a vaginal delivery. This fear is often due to hear the horrible stories of relatives or friends about their experiences while giving birth her baby naturally.

This has caused many prospective mothers today are choosing to do the surgery to have her baby.

Actual experience of each person will be different depending on who and how people responded to his experience during childbirth, it is best to every expectant mother to prepare themselves with knowledge and mental preparation that this process is a natural process which our bodies have also been prepared for all this, and of course need moral support from her husband and family.

Actually gave birth to the operation or section, devoted to specific medical indications, which we used for the indications for the mother or the indication for the infant.

All indications are based on the medical condition of the mother or baby that requires action by cesarean birth, but now it becomes a new thing that developed in some circles of society, where cesarean performed for medical indications of the mother or baby, but on the basis of requests from candidates mother for fear of giving birth in a normal / natural.

What is the process of giving birth naturally is so scary, and cesarean surgery is the best way out ? Making cesarean as a choice for your baby, NOT on a specific medical indication (which does require delivery through surgery) and just above the mother DEMAND because of fear to give birth naturally. Advice we can give is you should know first of all virtues and disadvantages of this Seksio Operations.

Section is an action to have the baby with the opening wall of the uterus through an incision in the abdominal wall. From the results of research experts in the United States, that a cesarean delivery will require a uterine wound healing time is longer than normal delivery.

Mothers who give birth by caesarean babies are also advised to not contain a return of less than 18 months from the action section, because it has a high risk for the occurrence of tearing of the uterus, such as analysis, Dr. Thomas D. Shipp of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and colleagues, in their opinion, women who give birth again within a period of 18 months after cesarean section, the possibility of her uterus ripped amounted to three times more than those who waited longer before giving birth again. This is due to the completion of uterine wound healing because of the operation's first section.

With advances in medical science today, should the prospective mother's parents feel more secure to have the baby in a normal / natural process, you also do not need to worry, because in normal childbirth there is a natural mechanism that was already available naturally in your body for the birth of your baby, and also now you can consult your doctor about how to reduce pain (anesthesia), which can be provided to you.

Most important of all is the mental readiness of the expectant mother to deal with this birth process, and convince myself that this is a normal process of childbirth is a natural process and the best, unless of course there are medical indications that it requires you to undergo surgery this section. And of course the moral support of the husband or the father is also very necessary.

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