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Care During Pregnancy

Research Dr. Tiffany Field from the University of Miami School of Medicine in the United States, proving the cause of massage can decrease stress hormones in the body of pregnant women. The touch itself, is very important not only for their physical, but also to emotional pregnant women, the benefits of other massage:

  1. Improves blood circulation, helping delivery of oxygen and nutrients to body cells of pregnant women and her fetus. This means that increase vitality and reduce fatigue experienced by mothers and provide better nutrition to the fetus.Reduce stress on the heart because the blood circulation more smoothly thanks to the massages. 

  2. Helps reduce lactic acid metabolism and other body which, when stacked will cause rapid muscle fatigue. In addition, the muscles that feel tight or stiff will be more relaxed so that helps the birth process in the future.

  3. Helps reduce many pregnancy disorders, such as backaches, leg aches, headaches, and swelling in the ankles and around the fingers.

  4. Stimulates secretion (expenditure) gland product that helps stabilize hormone levels in the body.

  5. Recovering depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes in pregnant women. 

  6. Helps relax nervous tension, thus helping pregnant women to be easy to sleep soundly.

However, it must be remembered that not all pregnant women can follow this massage program, such as mothers with difficult pregnancies and mothers womb is still 1-5 months of age. Another thing, massage for pregnant women should not be made by any masseur, but must be by a trained therapist. It deals with certain body parts in pregnant women that if massage will cause uterine contractions early. However, massage in the area of ​​the uterus (abdominal) should be avoided because it can lead to stimulation of contractions, sometimes even painful. Massage the wrong way it makes women need other treatments to relieve pain and contraction.

Music therapy

Music can be defined as a blend of sound stimuli that make up regular vibrations that can provide the sensory stimuli, organs, and also emotional. This means that individuals who listen to music will respond, both physically and psychologically, that will arouse the body's systems, including the activity of glands in it. In pregnant women, the activity of various glands in the body will affect the development of the baby. Okay just because it does not lead to physical stimuli, would also create an atmosphere to relax when the music is the music played a quiet, gentle, and remedy.

Color therapy

In the medical field, color therapy were classified as electromagnetic medicine or treatment with electromagnetic waves. The body has an automatic default response to the color and light without realizing it and have been genetically programmed. This can happen because it basically is an element of light color and light is one form of energy. Energizing the fitting on the body will cause a positive effect.

The energy given to pregnant women to help achieve desired conditions. For example, the color orange to give pleasure or joy. Green is a natural color that refers to the purity and harmony. The color green is considered an extraordinary remedy because it is used to balance and stabilize the body's energy. Also stimulate the process of thinking and learning, in addition to stimulating growth. May be followed, especially since this activity does not cause physical stimulation in pregnant women.


Aromatherapy for healing the so-called medical aromatherapy (aromatologi) is done with reference to the health sciences. For this purpose also aromatologi use essential oils or essential oils are the essence of plants. This therapy can be carried by pregnant women since the early trimester to overcome the typical problems of early trimester, morning sickness.Okay, because aromatherapy does not cause physical stimuli, would also create an atmosphere to relax and reduce stress. It should be remembered, usually young pregnant women are very sensitive to smells. So the selection should be individualized aroma and not be forced.

Spa Therapy

Spa for pregnant women is somewhat different from ordinary spa. No wonder, if not all of the spa have this program. Spa treatments provide comfort and relaxation for pregnant women, one pregnant woman footbath for foot clean and free from tension due to hold an increased body weight.

There is also a treatment with a warming-up or the mother's body covered with warm blankets and then gently massaged. If all the muscles are loose then began the massage stage of your upper back until your lower back and towards the neck and shoulder and center chest area. The goal is to relieve breathing. Done all that, the mother's body will be wiped with a warm towel.

Before joining the program make sure you visit the spa has a special therapist for pregnant women. Generally, the therapist is already getting special training and provided insight into the psychological condition of the mother who is pregnant. Noteworthy is the pregnant woman's body electrolyte balance. Therefore, avoid the spa program that causes excessive sweat out (sauna, for example) so the body can not quickly dehydrated and electrolyte balance disorder. In addition, warmer temperatures can increase the production of prostaglandin hormones that can stimulate uterine contractions.


HypnoBirthing is a welcome relaxation techniques for childbirth. Performed with a variety of relaxation techniques and suggestions via the sweep.Good if followed by pregnant women because it causes a pleasant atmosphere.


Principle tantamount to pregnancy exercise, only exercise was conducted in the water. The goal for fitness, train breathing and blood circulation. The surplus, the movement in the water is free from pressure on joints, making it very safe. Mom can immediately feel the benefits. Water sports are good, but should be supported with good water conditions and the conditions are good also pregnant. Feared contaminated water will actually cause infection in the womb.

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