Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Creating a Healthy Baby Porridge

As a parent you may want to make special food for your baby, and to help you make the porridge baby, here are some alternative baby food and how to make a healthy baby porridge safe for your baby.

Food broth

Food broth could be an alternative for you, but the food is highly recommended if your baby has to digest the food that smells of spices and of course a bit rough. A good broth made from chicken broth foot that is believed to contain vitamins and nutrients that are very high which is useful for the growing baby. You can make your baby porridge broth combined into one.

Food vegetable porridge

You can use some vegetable selection of pumpkins, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower as a main ingredient of vegetable porridge. The first step you need to do is peel and clean the main ingredients are vegetables or tubers such.

Once clean you can cook ingredients until done, I recommend you to steam it because this method can retain vitamins contained in food materials.

Then after you cooked vegetables to soften the vegetables using a blender or manually and then filtered and combined if you cook more than one kind of vegetable. If you use vegetable stew residual water as a solvent when her blender, do not use the water remaining green leaf and carrot stew because these fluids contain high nitral.

And done, how, not hard, was it? True, a healthy baby porridge is not difficult because you are only required to be willing to learn and try. You can also add some foods such as cereals or broth to obtain the results of healthy baby food

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