Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Difficulties of a Father Close to His Baby

In this modern world, the role of fathers as heads of households often focus on efforts to meet all the needs of families, particularly financial. Thus, not infrequently a father have to drudge for a living family and home in a state of weary without having the opportunity to interact with many wives and children.

This phenomenon may be more pronounced in cities with higher living pressures. Not to mention the increasingly severe congestion makes a father lost much valuable time to interact with children who would be a major factor why a father is very difficult to get closer to her children.

According to one study, the role of fathers is very important in building children's intelligence. A father as head of the family as well as the main decision makers in the family has an important position in educating children. A child who is guided by a father who cares, concerns and keep the communication would tend to develop into children more independent, strong, and have better emotional control than children who do not have a father like that, it would greatly affect the physiology of children who have an impact on child development itself.

Creating closeness between a father and child is a very valuable investment in a family. For that the following are some tips you can do for those of you who have difficulties in interacting to your children.

We recommend that you first do is start getting used to share tasks and directly involved in parenting and subsequent child care if your child is invited to play, so follow the game with all my heart of course, besides the things you need to do also is to establish intensive communications where there is a process of mutual trust with each other.

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