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Planning a pregnancy in old age

By knowing the fertile period, would be useful for couples with problems in getting the descent, in particular by:

  1. assess the incidence and timing of ovulation

  2. predict fertile days maximum

  3. optimize the time to have intercourse to get pregnant

  4. help identify some of the problems of infertility

In a normal partner, pregnancy may occur at any time during intercourse fertile but most likely will result in pregnancy in the days where there is cervical mucus with high fertility, there are wet or slippery sensation at the vulva, with the cervical mucus is transparent and elastic .

The number of fertile mucus most occur in one or two days before the day is the time to peak and high fertility rates. Today last day when the peak fertile mucus that is often in conjunction with the time of ovulation. Temperature shift convinced that ovulation is happening. At the time of maximum fertility rate, high cervix, short, straight, soft, and open and drain the fertile mucus.

Ani, beautiful women, admits 33-year-old has managed to exploit the fertile period to get pregnant. After being married for 3 years, Ani eventually became pregnant and in January 2006 and gave birth to a baby girl. It is not possible, you can successfully get pregnant like Ani. However, if you are not as lucky as Ani and if within 6 months after having sex regularly but not in the fertile period of pregnancy, should consult a doctor for further examination.

Preventing pregnancy

Many contraceptives are available to prevent pregnancy, such as IUDs, spiral, implants, pills, condoms, and others. However, sometimes a side effect of contraceptive use is an unlikely woman. Ranging from facial acne, headaches, increased body fat, the pain until the bleeding. Although there is now a contraceptive method that minimal side effects.

For those who want to avoid the side effects of contraception, could try the natural way by making use of fertility. Approach with a combination of various indicators, generally a combination of temperature and mucus is a very effective method, even when done correctly can prevent pregnancy up to 98%.

If you want to postpone pregnancy, then avoid having sex on his wife's fertile period or use a protector such as condoms. Another way is well-loved couples withdrawal. Of course this depends on the habit and comfort tailored to couples.

Let's try the natural way!

With diligence in identifying the physiological changes of the menstrual cycle, naturally to prevent pregnancy or planning a pregnancy, with high effectiveness. Even with knowing that defects in the cycle (Mass anovulatoar cycle), can be known the infertility problems that need further treatment. "Fertility can be influenced by nutritional factors and anatomy," said dr. Boy Abidin, who attended the course SpOG gynecological Oncology Corporation Indonesia-Netherlands in 2000.

Live a healthy lifestyle which means eating balanced nutrition with 4 healthy 5 perfect. In addition to meeting the needs of nutrition, exercise routine to smooth blood circulation, so that female sex hormones work involved in the reproduction process is also going well.

If you are experiencing difficulties in pregnancy, better visit this article. How  Get Easy Pregnant.

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