Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Preparation Before Gaving Birth in Hospital

For mothers who do not have experience giving birth, most do not know what to bring the goods when the signs of labor coming and should be immediately rushed off to hospital. After asking here and there as friends and browse the internet, this is the contents of a bag that Mother prepared at home and ready to carry when going to the Hospital:

For a Baby:

* Long sleeve baby clothes (6 pieces)

* Long pants cover the feet (6 pieces)

* Diaper / baby pants (6 pieces)

* Gloves (3 pairs)

* Gloves legs (3 pairs)

* Blankets (1 piece)

* Blankets cap (1 pcs) - create a home from hospital

* Peang Pillows (1 pc)

* Carrier fabric (1 pcs)

* Baby equipment (telon oil, powder, baby oil in small sizes)

* Diapers New Born

During the 3 days in hospital, clothing, diapers, gloves and legs unused because all lent Hospital. Mother's knowledge, however, not all hospitals provide the same facility, so no permanent harm was prepared for just in case.

For Mother:

* Ordinary clothes (1 piece, create a home from the Hospital)

* Dress (2 pieces)

* Long pants (2 pieces)

* Leather / Fabric (6 pieces, created during this hospital really necessary)

* Buttoned shirt (3 pieces)

* Briefs (6 pieces)

* Octopus (3 pieces)

* Nursing bra (6 pieces)

* Breast pad

* Equipment makeup (powder, comb, etc.)

* Pads are great Monalisa (2 packs) - for the period post partum

* Equipment bath (towels, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)

* Kamilosan-nipple ointment to treat the wounded (the time it bought in pharmacies Mother Hospital)

For a Father / Accompanying:

* Card Hospital (documents for administrative proceedings in the Hospital)

* Clothes change

* Equipment bath

* Mat

* Food / Beverage (for snacks during the wait)

* Camera

* Book reading

Hopefully helpful!

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