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Sex the Days of Pregnancy

This will happen when you are entering a period of pregnancy and after childbirth. Typically, most couples experience the intensity of which tend to decline to have sex. But psychologist Stephanie Buehler, PsyD, CST, a certified sex therapist in Orange County, California said, sex during pregnancy and after childbirth is a subject that inspires a variety of reactions and behaviors, depending on the woman.

As a sex therapist, mostly womenfolk always ask him about the intimate relationship during and after pregnancy. As quoted from page, the following important questions are commonly asked questions about sex mothers:

1. Sexual desire as what many women want during pregnancy?Desire women during pregnancy is really varied, some of them there who desperately wanted an intense sexual relationship, but some are feeling too tired and very little desire an intimate relationship with her husband.

In general, she feels her body is not sexy, especially in the first trimester, when they try to cope with morning sickness. In the second trimester, they may feel better and have more energy for sex. Some women feel like having sex when the age of third trimester abortion, but many are beginning to feel tired. Finding a comfortable position for sex also can be a problem. As a suggestion, you can try other positions, such as "spooning" or rear position, to make intercourse easier.

2. Husband does not want sex during pregnancy, what is wrong?Honestly, some men do not find passion and sexiness to the pregnant woman's body. They may only see the bodies of their wives as baby-making machines rather than for sexual pleasure.

The average man feared to have sex for fear of hurting the baby. "More funny again, some couples fear that if they knew that the baby's father and mother having sex," said Buehler.Buehler also suggest it is better to speak frankly with your partner to understand the feelings or fears and think about how you can both be happier.

3. Is having sex during pregnancy harm the baby?If you are in good health and has no risk of harm, such as previous miscarriage or related to age, sex will not interfere with pregnancy. There was some concern when reaching orgasm. Many assumptions can lead to contraction and causes fatigue. You should consult with your obstetrician if you have any complaints.

4. What happens to babies when pregnant women have an orgasm?Every relationship has reached orgasm, according to sex therapist, will produce endorphins or 'happy chemicals "for the prospective mother. "What's felt the mother, can make the baby feel the same, but it would not hurt and no effect for the baby," said Buehler. You may feel contractions, but if the relationship is conducted berlangusng old, this is normal. So just enjoy!

5. The general rule to have sex is to wait six weeks after giving birth. Is this suitable for everyone?No! "Six week rule" generally refers to the time it takes for the uterus return to its original size, before the baby is born and to restore conditions in the womb.

Every woman has a different healing process. You must be feeling tired baby care. So, maybe you're not too tasteful intercourse with her husband. If you need one or two more weeks to get in touch, live alone. Make sure that you and your husband take the time to stay connected physically by hugging, holding hands, massaging each other or shared bath.

6. The husband felt the sadness of a sudden after a baby. What can soothe her mood?Apparently, men also may experience post-partum depression. A recent study showed that as many as 10 percent of American men become depressed after a baby.

This may be triggered by fatigue, difficulties faced greater responsibility or mixed feelings at being a father. Recognizing this possibility, do not hesitate to seek help if you see your husband became depressed. Signs of depression in men is interesting themselves, so easily offended, poor appetite, consuming alcohol or other habit changes.

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