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Sexy Back After Childbirth

Every pregnant woman must have experienced weight gain. Weight gain is used to increase the fat content of the mother, breast, uterus / uterus will be enlarged along with the growth of the fetus, the muscles of the body, blood volume also increased, placenta and amniotic fluid. Maternal weight gain affects the growth of the fetus because the fetus inside the womb during fetal rely on nutrients from food that mothers eat. When the ideal maternal weight before pregnancy, usually when pregnant women will experience increased body weight are 8-15 kg.

Common problem faced by a woman who had given birth weight is the return on its original weight or ideal weight. Many women who fail to do this so that more children were born to the mother is getting fatter too. This problem should not have happened if you notice a few things during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

There is a myth that pregnant women should eat twice as much to nourish the fetus and mother. This myth that mothers must eat a lot during pregnancy is not correct. The truth is that mothers consume adequate food and balanced nutrition to meet the needs of mothers and babies. The number of calories needed by the pregnant mother is 2600 - 2900 calories per day.

After delivery you will experience a gradual weight loss because increase your physical activity when treating infants. So sign diet your weight should be re-ideal. But not all women experience it and some have still gain weight while breastfeeding. This is due to the mother often snacking during the middle of the night awake for feeding. Another possibility is that pre-pregnancy weight is above your ideal weight. Another possibility is that you do not exercise after giving birth.

After childbirth either normal or through surgery, a woman was allowed to exercise. Obviously the type of low impact exercise such as walking for 30 minutes. While a high impact if aga not be done because it can cause bleeding.

30-minute walk will burn calories at 100-150. In addition, 40% auto body stored in the legs and some calories are stored in muscle. So the more walking calories burned then also increase.

Besides losing weight, mild exercise also aims to strengthen the pelvic muscles, pelvic floor, thighs and tighten abdominal muscles relaxed. Exercise also triggers heart activity so that breathing becomes better.

If you decide to go on a diet should be done six months after giving birth because at that time the baby get the nutrients not only from milk but also of complementary feeding.

Weight loss should be gradual. The decline not only of reducing food intake but also must be accompanied by exercise. Reduce food intake by 500 calories per day will reduce the weight of 2 kg in a month. During the diet should reduce the foods that contain lots of fat, sugar and high carbohydrate. Should consume lots of water and fiber foods to help smooth digestion.

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