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Tips Post-pregnancy Body Care

Post-pregnancy, of course important for the mother to regain body shape ideal. To that end, body care after delivery is necessary to be preserved, as well as according to physiotherapists Wiwit Azmi Lester, AMF, SE, Dipl. CIDESCO.

According to physiotherapist Wiwit Azmi Lester, AMF, SE, Dipl. CIDESCO, body care pascakehamilan or delivery should start as soon as possible. If doctors or hospitals advised to leave the hospital three days postpartum, then on the fourth day, new mothers can start treatments.

40 days post partum phase should be best utilized by the mother postpartum weight and shape if you want his body back to the ideal. "About 4-6 weeks she should diet hard, but not the dietary intake of food, but rather the proper care and discipline as a process of shape and weight in order to re-ideal," continued Wiwit.

Traditions body treatment which in fact is still potent to restore ideal body, among them, taking herbal Selapan, wearing octopus, and a special massage or special treatment postpartum maternal postpartum. If treatment is carried out regularly and discipline, is certainly the right way, in the seventh week postpartum body will re-ideal, strongly Wiwit.

Unfortunately, not a few women who left this tradition because it did not consider it practical. In fact, many women who desire postpartum ideal body back. Wiwit words, ignorance is a major cause of women's reluctance to undergo treatment this old model.

Combine herbs with aromatherapy

"Many do not like herb or herbs, this reason appears most when talking about body treatments with herbs Selapan. In fact, this can be overcome by adding a drop of aromatherapy to herbal medicine combined with Selapan. That way, the aroma of herbs become dominant. Besides, with sophisticated technology, this herbal medicine can be replaced by other forms such as pills or capsules with the same benefits, "said Wiwit.

Another way for women who do not like the smell of herbs is to use as the preferred aromatherapy air freshener. So, when I would drink the herbal medicine, aromatherapy herbal aroma defeat, or at least reduce the sharpness of the smell of herbs.

Enormity of the octopus or Stagen

Using an old-fashioned Stagen or octopus with a length up to tens of meters is not practical. However, this method is still considered accurate to form the body, especially the stomach and waist. "Stomach slim waist shrunk by wearing Stagen. If you want thin, yes indeed there is a risk that must be lived even though not considered a practical way, "explained Wiwit.

Apparently no one could replace the magnitude of octopus or Stagen, the tradition of the parents. "Corset flexible nature, can not form a body like an octopus," said Wiwit.

Select an expert massage therapist postpartum

While for the treatment of postpartum body with special massages, make sure you choose an expert therapist services. Select therapists are trained and certified to ensure massage is done correctly and help you restore the ideal body.

"Therapists who are skilled and trained specifically for postpartum care have certification. Both the certification from the state or special certification, "said Wiwit while adding, expert therapists must renew the certification that he got from the state every two years. As for the special certificate, the therapist can be obtained from various educational institutions who chose to study massage therapy or special care postpartum mothers.

No need to fear fat pasacapersalinan because tradition has taught how you can re-slim postpartum. All you need is motivation and self discipline through the process of treatment immediately after birth until six weeks an ideal time to get back into shape. Do not be sorry for being late to start. Because the passing of this time period, the opportunity to get the ideal body is less than 100 percent.

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