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How to Put a Condom on Female

Female condoms are condoms that are designed specifically for use by women, shaped cylinder that is inserted into the female genitals or pubic.

The female condom works to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The female condom has two ends where one end is inserted into the uterus covered with foam to absorb the sperm and the other end to the outside open.

How it works the same way as the female condom male condom, which prevents sperm into the female reproductive organs. Benefits, limitations and side effects female condom, almost equal to male condoms. Rate the effectiveness of female condoms will be high, if I use it correctly.

As for how the use of female condoms, as follows:

  1. Open the condom package carefully from the edge, and tear direction toward the middle. Do not use the teeth, sharp objects when opening the packaging.

  2. Prior to sexual relations, consider the female condom. Female condoms have a wide ring (outer ring) to the outside and a small ring (inner ring) to the inside.

  3. Hold the inner ring condom, then press with your thumb on the side of the ring, and with another finger on the opposite side, and press so that the opposite side of the ring will be in contact and form the inner ring becomes oval.

  4. Set a comfortable position. The position can be done by standing on one leg on a chair, squatting or lying down.

  5. Insert the inner ring into the vagina with caution. When the condom into the vagina, use your finger to press the inner ringlebih telujuk deep into the vagina. Make sure the condom should not be spinning, and the outer ring (large ring) remain outside.

  6. Give a little oil lubricant on the penis or the inside of the condom. Helps the penis into the condom.

  7. Post-coitus, remove the condom carefully by turning the outer ring to keep semen collected in the condom does not spill. Remove the condom carefully. Dispose of used condom into a safe place (the trash). Never dispose of the toilet.

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