Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Water Provision on Infant, Dangerous!

Drinking water is good for health. However, be careful! Drinking water can also bring danger. Water intoxication can lead to water intoxication aliases, especially if given to infants aged under six (6) months.

Not long ago, a doctor from Children's Center at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Dr. Jennifer Anders explains, instinctively baby has had intact thirst reflex or urge to drink. At that age, they should consume more milk (milk) or milk formula. If forced to consume water, while the kidney is not yet ripe, the water will make their bodies release sodium along with excess water.

Losing sodium can affect brain activity. As a result, there will be the symptoms of water intoxication, among others, looked through behavioral irritability, drowsiness, and other psychiatric problems. Other signs that is, low body temperature, facial swollen or enlarged, and convulsions.

Early symptoms are subtle condition, but the seizures can be the first clue to the parents. If immediately given medical treatment, seizures may not bring a permanent impact.

Water for drinking should not be given to infants aged six months or younger. Parents also should avoid use too liquid infant formula or children's health drinks that contain electrolytes.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to give a little water to babies who are older. For example, for relief of constipation (constipation) or in very hot weather. But to do that, parents should first consult with your pediatrician. That, too, with a rate of one or two ounces - at the American unit of weight equal to 28.35 grams.

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