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9 Tricks Solve Difficult to Eat for Toddlers

Mothers often have problems of lack of appetite toddler. Children's difficult to eat or only eat certain foods. Children often do not want to and not in the mood to eat.

Toddler Nutrition Nutrition and became less so that the immune Childhood is reduced and the children become susceptible to disease.

Toddler's hard to eat can be caused by many things such as mother's too late to introduce solid foods, irregular eating schedule, food menu-that's just so kids get bored and others. Here are some trick to get around the problem hard to Eat In Toddlers:

  1. Give food in small portions and frequent, especially new foods that are known or not preferred.

  2. Regular eating schedule, example: three main meals and two snack in between main meals.

  3. Never too late to introduce solid foods. The gift must be done gradually, starting from a smooth texture / creamed (egg porridge), soft (foods boiled or steamed), and finally to the form of ordinary food. This is done so that children can learn to chew.

  4. Introduce variations start baby food (from 6 months) so that children know the variety of food and taste food.

  5. The diet should be varied so that children do not get bored.

  6. The presentation of food must be interesting, for example the form of food and eating tools funny.

  7. Make it a relaxing and pleasant atmoshpere at mealtime as a family.

  8. Involve the child to determine who want to eat the food menu. It aims to make children interested in eating.

  9. Provide a snack or a healthy snack which is equivalent to the main food nutrient content.

Providing a snack is intended as a solution if the child refuses the main meal. Thus, nutritional intake of children remain unmet.

Sources: Book Smart Menu Toddler Month By Ayu Febry KD, S. KM & dr. Zulfito Marendra

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