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Prevent Fainting During Pregnancy

Suddenly fainted during pregnancy could happen. The causes include, as the prospective mother is experiencing severe anemia or low hemoglobin or red blood cells.This happens because during pregnancy the amount earmarked for the fetal blood supply. So that the blood volume is reduced. As a result, the supply of oxygen to the brain is also reduced and the prospective mother suddenly fainted.

Other causes, in the early to mid second trimester of pregnancy, maternal blood vessels tend to dilate. Often the volume of blood available is not sufficient to fill the empty space that widens the blood vessels. This is what causes pregnant easily dizzy and fainting.

Anemia can also cause other problems like miscarriage, bleeding and infection before and after childbirth, and the difficulties of pregnancy due to the contraction that is not going well.

prevent Fainting

Here are tips to prevent or overcome the consequences of anemia as discussed above.

  1. Add the amount of blood supply through the foods that contain iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 to consume a lot of hearts, anchovies, red meat, nuts, green vegetables, egg yolk and fruits.

  2. Consume vitamin C, chicken and fish to facilitate the absorption of iron.

  3. Perform light exercise such as yoga, walking or gymnastics.

  4. Do not get up suddenly from lying down or sitting, but do it slowly.

  5. Do not stand too long.

  6. Do not be too often in crowded or noisy atmosphere and the hustle

  7. If you are a busy person, take time off with straighten feet.

  8. Household consumption of sufficient fluid.

Excerpted from: Father Mother No. Magazine. 3 Th 2006

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  1. If simple home cures are not working for you to feel relieved, or your dizziness in pregnancy has been too frequent, you should get in touch with your health care provider immediately. This dizziness in pregnancy can be a complication or a consequence of injury in the head.