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Prevent Fainting During Pregnancy

Suddenly fainted during pregnancy could happen. The causes include, as the prospective mother is experiencing severe anemia or low hemoglobin or red blood cells.This happens because during pregnancy the amount earmarked for the fetal blood supply. So that the blood volume is reduced. As a result, the supply of oxygen to the brain is also reduced and the prospective mother suddenly fainted.

Other causes, in the early to mid second trimester of pregnancy, maternal blood vessels tend to dilate. Often the volume of blood available is not sufficient to fill the empty space that widens the blood vessels. This is what causes pregnant easily dizzy and fainting.

Anemia can also cause other problems like miscarriage, bleeding and infection before and after childbirth, and the difficulties of pregnancy due to the contraction that is not going well.

prevent Fainting

Here are tips to prevent or overcome the consequences of anemia as discussed above.

  1. Add the amount of blood supply through the foods that contain iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 to consume a lot of hearts, anchovies, red meat, nuts, green vegetables, egg yolk and fruits.

  2. Consume vitamin C, chicken and fish to facilitate the absorption of iron.

  3. Perform light exercise such as yoga, walking or gymnastics.

  4. Do not get up suddenly from lying down or sitting, but do it slowly.

  5. Do not stand too long.

  6. Do not be too often in crowded or noisy atmosphere and the hustle

  7. If you are a busy person, take time off with straighten feet.

  8. Household consumption of sufficient fluid.

Excerpted from: Father Mother No. Magazine. 3 Th 2006

5 Formula Herb to Increase Breast Milk

Most mother would have wanted to give exclusive breastfeeding for their babies. Exclusive breastfeeding without ASI advised given up to the age of infants at the age of six months. But not a few mothers are disappointed that her breastmilk is not as smoothly as expected.

To overcome the lack of smoothness of milk can be done in a way that is simple and does not require expensive. Like trying to traditional ingredients that are passed down through the generations by our ancestors. This herb is useful to carry milk, drink began last month of pregnancy.

a. Formula herb no 1


Katuk or fresh horseradish leaves to taste

How to use;

Katuk leaves eaten as a vegetable. Fresh horseradish is eaten as fresh vegetables or vegetable.

b. Formula herb no 2


- 1 knuckles nutmeg

- 1 tsp mungsi

- 1 / 2 finger cinnamon

- 1 tsp coriander

- Brown sugar to taste

- Fruit taste sour

- 2 cups water

How to create and use:

All materials are washed, then boiled in 2 cups water and add sugar and acid, then allowed to boil until the water remaining 1 cup. Results filtered and boiled water is taken every day during lactation.

c. Formula herb no 3


- 5 grams of seeds ketapang

- 25 grams of fresh leaves crushed cumin

- 1 tablespoon honey

How to Make:

Cumin leaves washed, then doused with hot water and crushed. After that, mixed with seeds that have been pounded ketapan and added a bit of boiled water (half cup), and then squeezed. Water the juice add honey.

How to Wear:

Drink as well. Cumin leaves can be consumed as fresh vegetables

d. Formula herb no 4


Thorn spinach to taste

How to use:

- Take the leaves are still young and vagetable nodes. Eating spinach vegetable nodes thorns should you do during your breastfeeding baby.

- The other way is also considered powerful is grab a piece of spinach plants thorns, wash clean. Then mash until smooth. Subsequently used as boreh around the breast. Do it a few weeks before the birth process and continued after you give birth.

e. Formula herb no 5


- 25 grams of fresh shoots of jackfruit (young)

- 2 cups water to boil

How to use:

25 grams of fresh shoots of jackfruit, washed, boiled and then by adding 2 cups of boiled water for 20 minutes. The result is divided by two to drink morning and evening. Taken in the first two months postpartum.

Here are tips that can be done so that breastfeeding mothers remain smooth, so the need for the baby can continue to be met:

  • Avoid stress on the mother because stress can affect milk production

  • For mothers who are career women should not neglect to give milk or milk regularly and periodically, so the milk does not jam.

  • Expand to eat green vegetables, like papaya, spinach, and nuts. Katuk leaf is also believed to facilitate breastfeeding, even now widely available katuk leaf extract tablets for ease in taking it.

  • Drink milk for nursing mothers, because mothers who breastfeed need terkadung calcium in milk to produce milk.

  • If the mother feeding the baby at the breast is often the right and left alternately Dandi do regularly, it will stimulate lactation. For that to babies aged 6 months should continue to give milk.

  • Expand to drink water during lactation. Drink plenty of water helps to multiply enough milk.


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9 Tricks Solve Difficult to Eat for Toddlers

Mothers often have problems of lack of appetite toddler. Children's difficult to eat or only eat certain foods. Children often do not want to and not in the mood to eat.

Toddler Nutrition Nutrition and became less so that the immune Childhood is reduced and the children become susceptible to disease.

Toddler's hard to eat can be caused by many things such as mother's too late to introduce solid foods, irregular eating schedule, food menu-that's just so kids get bored and others. Here are some trick to get around the problem hard to Eat In Toddlers:

  1. Give food in small portions and frequent, especially new foods that are known or not preferred.

  2. Regular eating schedule, example: three main meals and two snack in between main meals.

  3. Never too late to introduce solid foods. The gift must be done gradually, starting from a smooth texture / creamed (egg porridge), soft (foods boiled or steamed), and finally to the form of ordinary food. This is done so that children can learn to chew.

  4. Introduce variations start baby food (from 6 months) so that children know the variety of food and taste food.

  5. The diet should be varied so that children do not get bored.

  6. The presentation of food must be interesting, for example the form of food and eating tools funny.

  7. Make it a relaxing and pleasant atmoshpere at mealtime as a family.

  8. Involve the child to determine who want to eat the food menu. It aims to make children interested in eating.

  9. Provide a snack or a healthy snack which is equivalent to the main food nutrient content.

Providing a snack is intended as a solution if the child refuses the main meal. Thus, nutritional intake of children remain unmet.

Sources: Book Smart Menu Toddler Month By Ayu Febry KD, S. KM & dr. Zulfito Marendra