Senin, 21 Juli 2014

Amazing Photos From Hawaii Reveal What It's Like On A Simulated Mars Mission

It’s basically Bio-dome without Pauly Shore… thankfully.

On Hawaii's volcanic terrain at an elevation of 8,000 feet, a crew of six people live in a small dome for four-months.

Funded by NASA, the University of Hawaii is conducting a series of these missions to study what challenges people would expect to face living with a small group of people and what foods to eat, all in preparation for future manned missions to Mars.

Hawaii is ideal for the mission because the temperate weather and Mauna Loa's geological features, with no visible plant or animal life, resemble Mars.

The second HI-SEAS mission is currently taking place and the six crew members have been living together in the dome on Hawaii since March 28th.

This picture captures the first meeting of the crew members: Ross Lockwood, Casey Stedman, Lucie Poulet, Dr. Ronald Williams, Tiffany Swarmer, and Anne Caraccio.

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