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Marvel's "Ant-Man" Deftly Dodges Edgar Wright Issue At Comic-Con

Turns out its new director, Peyton Reed, is a bona fide geek — he’s been coming to Comic-Con since 1994.


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SAN DIEGO — The upcoming Marvel Studios movie Ant-Man faced its biggest challenge yet — the 6,000-person Hall H crowd at Comic-Con during Marvel's hour-long panel on Saturday. The movie's filmmaking team chose to deftly dodge looming questions surrounding Ant-Man, rather than face them head on.

To be fair, the hard-core geeks packed into Hall H were likely more aware of the recent unrest with the project than general audiences: In late May, its original director Edgar Wright (The World's End) abruptly left the film after developing Ant-Man since at least 2006, with both Marvel and Wright citing "differences in their vision."

What those differences are have never been addressed — and they weren't during the Ant-Man panel, either. In fact, even though Wright's test-reel footage for Ant-Man was screened at Marvel Studios' Comic-Con panel in 2012, his name was never mentioned at this one. The closest the panel ever got to addressing the issue was when moderator Chris Hardwick said about, and to, the new director, Peyton Reed (Bring It On), "If you had any question as to whether or not Peyton might be the right guy for this job — what number of San Diego Comic-Con is this for you, Peyton Reed?"

Reed's answer: It was his "20th anniversary visit to Comic-Con." He further provided his geek bona fides by noting that he was a drummer in a punk band in the 1980s called Johnny Quest, and drew the fliers for their gigs himself — one of which was a rip-off of the Marvel Comics issue Avengers #1 featuring Reed as Ant-Man. The crowd laughed, and Feige and Reed looked visibly relieved. (Feige also noted that Reed didn't tell him any of this until after he'd landed the gig.)

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