Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About You

Mirror, mirror, in this post: what’s the film you love the most?

Disney / James Grebey

"People who like Snow White are old school."

"You stress-clean."

"Girls who like Snow White probably have a lot of guy friends. I mean, at least seven of 'em."

"Theater kids love Pinocchio ."

"Really close with their dad."

"Yeah they might've had a rebellious phase at some point, but now they're close with their parents."

"Fantasia people are really cultured."

"But secretly the dinosaur segment is their favorite."

"Moms. Moms love Dumbo ."

"Dumbo fans tried to jump off their couch with a feather and fly. It's OK. We all did it."

Disney / James Grebey

"Folks who like Bambi are just the sweetest."

"They have hidden depths. Like a forest."

"Cinderella people are so classy. I can't even stand how classy they are. Birds probably do dress them every morning."

"They have unrealized dreams and hope to meet their prince charming still. Also they are probably 16 — IRL or at heart."


"Oh, Alice in Wonderland ? Yeah, without a doubt. Drugs."

"Wonderfully weird, we'd be best friends."

"They had a patch on their backpack that said 'We're all mad here' and probably had a Cheshire Cat T-shirt from Hot Topic."

"People who like Peter Pan probably refuse to grow up, which can be a good thing and a bad thing."

"Reality sucks."

"They always complain about how they 'feel so old.'"

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