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17 "Star Wars" Characters Explained By People Who've Never Seen The Movies

May the strength be with you. Is that the correct term?



Lucasfilm / Via lifeisaglitch.tumblr.com

Alejandro Alba: I don't understand this character. Is he the one who inspired the Wookie language?

Tazz Uppin: I thought Chewbacca got his name because he chewed really loudly. His face is so silky. I wonder what shampoo he uses.

AA: I had a substitute teacher who claimed he knew how to speak Wookie. My co-worker occasionally will do it too. They sound like pigeons.

TU: He looks like an old-timey, kinder, sweeter King Kong. I hear good things about Wookies.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Lucasfilm / Via starwars.tumblr.com

AA: I'm sure she's the princess everyone talks about.

TU: She seems like a low-key princess. How does she make her hair stay up like that, though?

AA: She looks like a badass, but wait, doesn't she engage in incest???

TU: Princess badass? Do those buns also double as headphones?

AA: Yeah, she totes hooked up with Luke who I think is her brother. People made a big deal out of it.

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