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8 Portland Dishes That Should Be Spoofed On "Portlandia"

From Scorpion Salt to a Cock-N-Balls Doughnut.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's IFC comedy series Portlandia is now in its fifth season of production, and whenever folks visit Portland these days you'll often hear the same thing over and over: "That's so Portlandia." Featured in Food Lover's Guide to Portland , these eight real Portland food and drink products definitely fit the bill and could easily be spoofed on an upcoming episode.

Scorpion Salt, The Meadow

Scorpion Salt , The Meadow

Remember the dumpster diving episode of Portlandia? Well this would be a pretty scary dumpster find: chili-infused fleur de sel with edible scorpions. According to The Meadow: "The idea was to embrace edible insects without forcing their presence in the shop. So when we found the perfect scorpion pepper powder we also got ourselves some edible scorpions." Aaaaand: "If you grind the scorpion into the salt you get an incredible nutty taste on top. The scorpion alone is best dipped in honey and covered with the scorpion salt." Truth is oftentimes better than fiction.

The Meadow

Clear Creek Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir, Clear Creek Distillery

Clear Creek Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir , Clear Creek Distillery

Tree-flavored liquor? Yep. I think that Andy Samberg's mixologist character in Season 2 would have totally dug dousing some newfangled cocktail with this spirit, made with unaged Oregon brandy infused with Douglas fir buds (Oregon's state tree!) handpicked by Clear Creek employees. Had me at handpicked.

Clear Creek Distillery

Foietella, Xocolatl de David

Foietella , Xocolatl de David

David Brigg's Foietella — sweet and savory foie gras chocolate spread — surely could have been an option at the artisanal movie concessions stand in Season 3. One large Coke and some of that sweet, sweet meat butter please.

Corey Shields

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