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20 Starbucks Items You Can't Get In The U.S.

Pancakes, coffee jelly and star cake? BRB, moving.

Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (Asia)

Starbucks customers in the Asia Pacific and Japan can order a coffee jelly frap, filled with boba-like jelly cubes made from actual brewed coffee.


Pancakes (Europe)

In the UK and Scandinavia, you can order American-style pancakes for breakfast. (Sweden also offers crepe-style ones.)


Red Bean Frappuccino (Asia)

This icy treat, which you can find in stores in Singapore and elsewhere, comes with "whole kernels of premium red beans."


Flat White (The UK, Australia and NZ)

Flat White (The UK, Australia and NZ)

Similar to a cappuccino or latte, a flat white is made by pouring microfoamed milk over a double shot of espresso.

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