Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014

Let Nick Jonas Be Your Bartender

Nick Jonas has a hidden talent: he’s great at making drinks. Here, let him show you.

David J. Bertozzi for BuzzFeed

Recently we've learned that Nick Jonas is a pro at standing still with his shirt off, but did you know he's also really good at making cocktails? Yup, add mixologist to Nick Jonas' résumé, which is already filled with endless bullet points about his musical abilities — have you heard his new solo single "Jealous"? — and apparent acting chops.

Nick stopped by the BuzzFeed office to show off his drink-making talents, which began as nothing more than just a fun party trick: "I just sort of started messing around with it, found a few things that I liked, and shared them with friends," Nick told BuzzFeed. "Then it just sort of took off."

And so we present the following super-easy (and yes, super-boozy!) cocktail recipes, made up by Nick Jonas on the fly. Each recipe makes one drink.

1. The Green-Eyed Monster

1. The Green-Eyed Monster

David J. Bertozzi for BuzzFeed

• 3 shots tequila

• 4.5 oz. San Pellegrino Limonata

• 3 oz. Naked Green Machine juice

• 2 orange wedges (squeezed)

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