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17 Ways Quitting Soda Can Make Your Life More Awesome

Do it for your teeth, your wallet, and your friend the scuba diver.

Okay, time for some real talk: Soda is delicious.

Okay, time for some real talk: Soda is delicious.

It's sweet, it's fizzy, and it makes you feel like Beyoncé. It tastes good on the beach. It tastes good in the car. It even makes a boring day at work more bearable. Magically, it goes just as well with your afternoon sandwich as it does with your late-night Jack Daniels.


Quitting might turn out to be better than all those things combined.


Buy less soda, have more money!

In 2012, soda was a $76 billion industry. Do the math on how much you spend: Even just one soda a day will cost you about $365 a year. For that much money you can buy a plane ticket, a cashmere robe, or this Dolly Parton portrait made entirely of rice leaves!

You might actually live longer.

Drinking sugary soda may actually cause you to age faster in a way similar to cigarettes, according to a study published last week in the American Journal of Public Health. The study found that drinking sugary soda was associated with shorter telomere length. Translation: The cells in your body are aging faster. On the plus-side: Drinking water is way healthier AND free!

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