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24 Classic Finnish Foods Everyone Should Learn To Cook

Once you’ve made korvapuusti once, you’ll never stop.

A light and fluffy mustikkapiirakka

Traditional Finnish blueberry pie is really more like a cake. It doesn't have a pastry crust, and its batter is made out of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. It's best served with ice cream and a strong coffee as an afternoon treat. Find a recipe here.

Warming kaalikaaryleet

Cabbage rolls are fiddly to make, but they're definitely worth the effort. Stuffed full of ground beef, breadcrumbs, rice, and onions, they make for a delicious dinner when you fancy something comforting. They're often served with syrup, but many Finns just eat them with lingonberry jam. Find a recipe here.

Creamy nakkikastike

Usually served with boiled potatoes, Finnish hot dog sauce is the ultimate comfort food. It's basically sautéed hot dogs, which are then fried and then doused in a thick onion sauce. Find a recipe here.

Squeaky leipajuusto

Often referred to as "squeaky cheese" by Finns, "leipajuusto" literally means "bread cheese". Here's a recipe that'll tell you how to make it from scratch, but you're probably best buying the ready-made stuff from IKEA and heating it in the oven. Finns serve it hot, with cold milk, and cloudberry jam.

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