Minggu, 16 November 2014

This Guy's Starbucks Cup Cartoons Are Extra Strong Shots Of Joy

Kudos to you, Josh Hara . BuzzFeed News spoke to him about his brew-tiful creations.

And he's hit upon a way of combining his hobby with his love of coffee. The blank parts of his Starbucks takeaway cups have become his canvas for what he's called the #100CoffeeCups project on Twitter and Instagram.

He told BuzzFeed News: "I started doing this back in February. I get a Starbucks coffee every single day, and for a long time I'd been noticing how pristine that blank panel of the cup was."


It was a perfect surface for drawing, outside of the curvature of course. I had an idea for a cartoon about a barista asking someone how they spell their name, so I thought doing it on a cup would make it that much funnier.

Josh has since drew many more coffee cup cartoons, the latest being this ode to Kim Kardashian.


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