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19 Delicious Subscription Boxes To Give To Your Favorite People

Send a gift that will make them love you more every month.

Farm to People / Mantry / Munchpak // graphic by Rachel Sanders

For the snack anthropologist: Munchpak

For the snack anthropologist: Munchpak

What it costs: $21/box (3, 6, or 12-month gift subscriptions).

What you get: A big box of 12 or more full-size international snacks from brands all over the world.

Why it's cool: This one is for the snacker who really doesn't give a crap whether anything is organic or gluten-free; they just want it to taste awesome. It's also a pretty great price for the number of different treats you get.

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For the serious meat eater: Carnivore Club

What it costs: $55/box (1–12-month gift subscriptions).

What you get: 4-6 "handcrafted cured meats" from a single producer each month. It could be anything from South African biltong to American chicken jerky; you can check out past boxes here.

Why it's cool: This would work for both hard-core food nerds and for people who just love anything bacon-adjacent. It's a good way to try exotic stuff that you'd probably never know to ask for at a store or restaurant.

For the incurable sweet tooth: Treatsie

What it costs: $20-23/box (3, 6, or 12-month gift subscriptions).

What you get: There will be sweet treats like cookies, candy or chocolate from three different small-batch brands in the box every month, plus a "welcome" box of the most popular treats to start off the gift subscription.

Why it's cool: We all know the sugar is the best part of any care package. This subscription's great because it embraces that truth and doesn't waste time with the other stuff. You can also specialize and order a subscription that only sends chocolate bars.

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