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Nutrition and Pregnancy

You are glad to see that your pregnancy test postive. You will be happy and already caressing your stomach with the hope that your child can feel your presence. The next nine months will be an exciting time for you and your baby. You will have a human life growing inside you and feel them moving as they grow larger. Your baby is formed from a single sperm and eggs (ovary), which evolved into a more perfect form. It really is a miracle.

To assist this miracle together, it is important for you to eat as possible. This is important so that you can go through most of your pregnancy. The first three months or the first 12 weeks of pregnancy may be a bit difficult to eat a balanced and usually you will be reluctant to eat and you usually have signs of morning sickness. If you are one of the lucky ones, the fetus in your stomach will not be active during the first trimester or during the 15 weeks of gestational age.

Then you can take full advantage of correct eating healthy and full of nutrients. Make sure you eat a balanced nutritious diet and nutritious. It is a basic need for your baby. A junk food diet will not help you with the baby's bone growth and organ formation. Potato chips will not help brain development. Your baby and your body needs calcium and vitamins to achieve all this. Eating well during pregnancy will help your baby eat well after birth and the solid food. As the pregnancy progresses, some of what you eat will pass through the placenta and amniotic fluid will taste your baby. Baby swallows this fluid and their taste is so developed that even in the womb they were able to taste the flavor.

Doctors believe that infants are exposed to a variety of fruits and vegetables while in the womb less than the chance of being a fussy eater in later life. They believe that this is a baby who will eat fruit and vegetables without installing any fight. One advantage, other benefits of drinking milk during your pregnancy is all the calcium you will give your baby's bones. Many doctors recommend that you drink at least one glass of eight ounces of milk, usually fat-free day. Calcium is a must to have your baby's bones and teeth, although you will not see his teeth for at least several months.

You can enjoy any time, and then, and thanks to your desire to have baby. Complete your meal with Nutrition and multivitamins are indispensable for the growth of the fetus. Being pregnant should not be seen as an excuse to eat whatever you want as long as nine months. You have to keep nutrition and nutrients you eat, because food intake through you will determine your baby perfection.

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